Nard & Grass organic creams


   Organic creams on natural oil basis

Nard & Grass is a series of moisturizing organic creams for face and body which draws on the primeval vigor of natural oils. The products are recommendable for urban and outdoor lifestyles, indeed for everyone exposed to sunshine or inclement weather, be it wind, rain or just cold air.

   No preservatives, no additives

Our creams do not contain any harmful chemicals or artificial reinforcers. The ingredients are all organic and in no way noxious. We should consider that most of the substances applied on the skin soak into it and permeate the body. For this reason, we do not use any synthetic substances, mineral oils, emulsifiers, or colouring agents.

   100% certified organic ingredients

Our creams are made with certified organic materials which guarantee the natural quality of all products.

   A powerful concentration

Our products are highly concentrated and contain no water at all. That’s why even a small quantity of them will make a difference.

   Saving our environment

The resources used for the production have been manufactured manually or in an environmentally friendly manner such as cold pressing or by means of steam distillation.
The products of Nard & Grass are packed in flasks and sealed by aluminum lids. Both materials are recyclable and should be disposed of separately.
That would be our common contribution to acting responsibly towards nature.