In the year 2016, we created a series of creams which we called Nard & Grass. This name refers to high-quality organic cosmetics which contain some of the most valuable essential oils in Bulgaria: rose and lavender oil.

As we were led by the idea of establishing a pure and valuable product, we decided to use nothing but certified organic oils and herbal extracts. The certificates issued for them vouch for the constant quality of the raw materials. Even more, they confirm that no harm has been done to the environment during their production.

Furthermore, we maintained the same standards towards the packaging. That’s why we chose dark glass covered by aluminium lids. Both are most suitable for preserving natural materials and remain easy recyclable.

In all creams of Nard & Grass there are no synthetic substances, preservatives, colouring agents or any other harming chemicals. In them, there is no water either as they are concentrated in a well-balanced way. The creams contain nothing but active ingredients which will gently vitalize even most dry or sensitive skin.

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